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IDEALS@WORK helps you share your talents more joyfully and authentically.

Each of us has unique strengths, talents and abilities. It takes courage to "name and claim" our gifts. It also takes courage to let go of that which stands in the way of using those gifts.

IDEALS@WORK helps you harness your power with clarity and compassion.

All of us have the power to say "yes" and "no". How do we know what to invite in and what to exclude from our lives? When we know what really motivates and inspires usour core values and idealswe can set an intention to consciously apply them no matter what challenges or opportunities arise. 

IDEALS@WORK helps your team build trust, appreciation, and respect.

Whether you're a sole proprietor, small business owner, manager, executive, caregiver, artist or teacher, you're bound to rely on a team. The difference between a group of people who work together and a team is trust. 

Our Process

IDEALS@WORK offers personal and professional consulting designed to enhance self-leadership, teamwork and awareness

Workshops offered in small group settings utilize mindfulness practices and experiential exercises to clarify core values and build a strong foundation for optimizing opportunities and working constructively with challenges.

We create a safe and confidential space for inner exploration and group discussion. Using a combination of conceptual talks, experiential exercises and mindfulness practices, our workshops encourage and enable participants to bring forth their own knowledge and wisdom, and help them gather the courage and will to apply what they know in their day to day livesboth personally and professionally. 

Sample workshop topics include team-building, constructive conversation and facing obstacles.


Who We Are



"Our leadership team at the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being benefited in many ways from the work we did with the IDEALS@WORK training team. The program afforded us the opportunity to see each other in ways that strengthened our personal relationships. We formed new bonds that continue to positively affect our work relationships. Each of us came to a deeper appreciation of our own core values and those of one another. And, we gained more clarity in seeing how our personal values shape our collective ideal."

— Nance Lucas, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, George Mason University

"The leaders of IDEALS@WORK are incredibly talented in their ability to reframe ideas and concepts and keep the focus on the task at hand, helping to tie all the pieces together. Just working through this process with the IDEALS@WORK team was a valuable learning experience."

— Dr. Gavin McCall, DPT, Bayview Physical Therapy, Norfolk, VA

"The work that we did broke down personal barriers and built trust. There were wonderful surprises for each of us, not the least of which was the realization that our co-workers saw our strengths in clearer light than we ourselves did and that the characteristics we readily admitted to ourselves as negatives were often what allowed us more productivity than we knew. In the end I would say that our work with IDEALS@WORK diminished impediments to productivity and creativity in each of us."

— Marianne E. Lord, Vice President of Advancement, Simmons College, Boston, MA

"I'd had extensive experience as a school administrator, but this was my first headship. Someone once described the position as 'drinking from a fire hose.' IDEALS@WORK guided me through that challenging time. I learned about myself and more importantly, the challenges I would face as a leader. . . . I learned how to adapt and leverage my strengths to become a better leader."

— David Colon, Headmaster, Wakefield School, The Plains, VA

"With a new team in place, we wanted help building trust within our team and creating a shared vision for the future. The team at IDEALS@WORK was able to do this and more. Their approach was innovative, creative, and challenging. . . . We are now much better poised to take advantage of opportunities and navigate challenges . . . The added bonus is that this is not only true professionally, but also personally."

— Michael S. Bos, Senior Minister, West End Collegiate Church, New York, NY

"IDEALS@WORK guided us through the exercises in such a gentle and loving way . . . that the anxiety left where the hard work began."

— Barbara Errickson, Owner, Errickson Publishing, Tidewater, VA


So What Exactly are Ideals?


Ideals are the motivating forces that influence and guide each of us throughout our lives, both consciously and unconsciously. These motivating forces direct our actions and, at their best, inspire us to be better and do better—to use our gifts and talents for our own personal growth and for the betterment of our communities and organizations. From the way we interact with other people to how we run a business, the qualities of our Ideals become richer and deeper—more alive—when we bring them intentionally and consciously into our daily interactions. Whether on the individual or group level, our Ideals guide what we do and the spirit in which we do it.

As the founders of IDEALS@WORK have worked with Ideals of both individuals and organizations, we have observed three distinct categories or operating levels of Ideals. There are qualities of Ideals that we are grounded in—gifts and talents we possess and use on a consistent basis, usually without even thinking about it.  At home or at work, people recognize these qualities within us right away. Then there are qualities of our Ideals that may feel new, that we are being challenged to use in the here and now—you might say these are situational. Often, these are qualities only those closest to us see. We say these are qualities we are embracing. And finally, there are qualities that call us to become even more than we think possible, stretching us beyond our current perception of ourselves, encouraging our continued personal growth and professional development. These are qualities of our Ideals that we are aspiring towards and into which we are unfolding. These three levels of Ideals are dynamic, expanding our understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the world as we apply them to opportunities and challenges. 


What are the Ideals that inspire our team?

IDEALS@WORK is grounded in Joyfulness, Respect, Intuition, Experiential Learning and Transformation.

We are embracing Courage and Authenticity.

We are unfolding into Collaboration and Prosperity.


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