Sample Workshop Topics

SELF LEADERSHIP: Bringing Clarity to Your Life's Work

Every group or organization functions at a higher level when individuals are operating at their best. When people are consciously aware of their own gifts and talents, as well as those of their colleagues, communication becomes authentic and collaboration becomes more effective.

TEAM BUILDING: Finding the Best in Your Organization and You

Just as individuals see themselves more clearly by creating a personal ideal, so organizations and teams benefit from creating a group ideal. Through the process of creating personal ideals together and then jointly discovering the group ideal, team bonds are strengthened and appreciation for team members is deepened.


Now that your team is comfortable working with the personal and group ideals on a regular basis, we introduce a structured format for discussing tactical or strategic decisions. Our process allows for all perspectives to be heard, including those of the group ideals, which permits the conversation to proceed in a healthy and productive manner.

FACING OBSTACLES: Working Together with Clarity and Purpose

Once you and your team members are grounded in your strengths and an appreciation for one another's gifts and talents, you are better able to address the challenges and opportunities that naturally arise. Our exercises allow a safe and constructive way for individuals to address concerns and issues from the highest and best within themselves.